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Giles Slings

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"What I personally feel is the best 
combat sling ever made…
…the Giles Sling."
– Peter G. Kokalis, Senior Editor, Shotgun News
"Giles Stock, SWAT cop and Gunsite instructor,has designed what is without a doubt the finest tactical sling ever." 
– Gary Paul Johnston, Contributing Editor, 
Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine

Wilderness Single-Point Slings and the Giles Tactical Sling for the Steyr AUG and AR-15/M16/M4 rifles with front and rear side-swivels are now available in Wilderness Coyote and Wilderness O.D., as well as standard Black! Other AR-15/M16/M4 models available with the main sling body in colors and black attachments.

The original Giles Tactical Sling (pronounced Jiles), designed by respected Gunsite trainer Giles Stock, set a new standard for tactical slings when introduced to the public in 1989. It ushered in the era of the modern tactical sling, allowing fast presentation of the long gun, immediate transition to the sidearm and secure retention from snatch attempts. It also converts immediately to a standard carry sling just by pulling the body loop closed. Long in use with major law enforcement tactical units around the country, this sling has also gained widespread acceptance in military special operations and knowledgeable personal-defense circles around the world. It has been highly acclaimed for its safety, simplicity and speed. Real world high-speed users include L.A.P.D. Metro/SWAT, Phoenix P.D. SAU (SWAT), Albuquerque SWAT, DOE and Marine Corps Force Recon units, just to name a few. In addition, many firearms makers have chosen to include our slings as a factory option, including Steyr, Robinson Arms and MSAR. Combat-proven around the world in every environment, it's versatility makes it superior in both urban close-quarters battle and field operations. Tough, simple and functional, it still sets the standard by which all others are judged.

Using the Giles Tactical Sling

Top quality materials

Like all Wilderness Tactical products, this sling is manufactured at our Phoenix, Arizona facility to exceptionally high standards of design and construction from the best materials available. It is made of 1.25" extra-heavy nylon webbing (supports weight much better than 1") and our custom extra-heavy duty black non-glare Delrin hardware. We make every effort to use buckles and attachments that are unlikely to make noise or reflect light.

Our premium webbing is much more dense and rigid than typical cheap webbing. It is custom-made to our standards for rigidity, vertical cross-grain structure and durability. It has no resin (which many manufacturers use to initially stiffen webbing) which can break down or change in use. While perhaps not as comfortable as soft webbing, professional users have stressed to us repeatedly that utility and durability matter most. Our webbing holds its form well, unlike soft, wide webbing which tends to roll up into a rope-like shape with extended use. The stiffness also makes getting into or out of the sling easier. It holds up much better under rough, sandy field conditions that eat soft, shapeless webbing over time.

As always, connections are multistitched and backstitched using proven rescue-industry stitch patterns, and a polyester blend thread is used instead of nylon which degrades more quickly under UV exposure.

We pay more to use the best materials, and choose to use the most appropriate materials for each component, but we don't think you would want it any other way.

Available for a wide variety of specific weapons, with or without an optional emergency quick-detach buckle to release the system from the body. Available colors include standard black, Wilderness Coyote with black attachments, or Wilderness O.D. with black attachments. Most models available in both right- and left-hand configurations; some models ambidextrous.

Why so many unique versions?

We could have tried to make two or three generic attachments and told you they would work on everything, but we've found that many weapons systems have such unique characteristics that this was a poor answer.

For example, Heckler & Koch weapons have unique attachments both front and rear. We produce a special version of the one and only original Giles Sling for the fixed- and collapsible-stock versions of HK rifles, carbines, and submachineguns. Its front attachment point has a Kevlar-reinforced, meltproof core and is completely silent because we have designed out the noisy metal hardware often found on MP5 slings. No more electrical tape to quiet the buckle!

Many weapons in the same line have a variety of stocks, often of different dimensions (Mossberg, Remington, etc.). A one-size-fits-all answer would prove unacceptably sloppy by our standards on many versions. When matched with the proper weapon or stock, our slings fit snugly and have no obvious play or stretch.

We are constantly expanding and improving our line, spending the time and energy to create and test new patterns to fit more firearms while refining older designs.

AR-15A2, right hand, shown with optional G.O. Pack 20-rd.-mag carrier and adapter shown.

Many companies have churned out bargain-priced knockoffs and tried to claim they developed them, but the Giles Tactical Sling was the first modern 3-point tactical sling -- and it continues to evolve. Tough, simple and functional, it still sets the standard by which all others are judged. Remember, if it's not an original Wilderness Giles Tactical Sling, it's just a cheap copy.

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Giles Sling for Ruger 10/22 w. factory stock
Giles Tactical Sling for Mossberg 590/590A1
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1.25" steel HK-type snaphook
GG&G Sling Thing for dovetails/rails
GG&G Sling Thing for dovetails/rails, Q.D. HD
GG&G Sling Thing, front
GG&G Sling Thing, front Q.D. HD
GG&G Sling Thing, front Quick Clip
GG&G Sling Thing, rear Q.D. HD
Giles Sling, Benelli M1/S90/M2/M3/M4/1014
Giles Tactical Sling for AUG/CHINAR/STG-556/AXR
Giles Tactical Sling for Remington 11-87/1100
GrovTec 1.25" Locking Sling Swivel (sold individually)
GrovTec 1.25" Mil-Force Swivel (sold individually)
GrovTec 1.25" QD push-button swivel (sold individually)
Sling Keeper
Giles Sling for FN SCAR-L/H, Mk16/17
Giles Sling for M14/M1A/Spring. Scout
Giles Sling for M1A SOCOM 16
Giles Sling for M1A SOCOM II w. rails
Giles Sling for Type I "CAR-15" sliding stock
Giles Sling for Type II "ribbed" sliding stock
Giles Tactical Sling for AK w. side-swivel rear
Giles Tactical Sling for HK subguns and rifles
Giles Tactical Sling for Mossberg 500/930/590 (not A1), etc.
Giles Tactical Sling for Ruger Mini-14/30/GB/ACC-556
G.O. Pack adapter for Ruger 10/22 Giles Sling
Giles Sling for fixed A2-stock AR-15/M16
Giles Sling for milspec M16A4
Slimline Sling Pad
Slimline Sling Pad, pink
Modular Sling, A1-type buttstock adapter
Modular Sling, A2-type buttstock adapter
Modular Sling, Mini-14 buttstock adapter
Modular Sling, Mossberg 590 buttstock adapter
Modular Sling, Quick-Fit Adapter for 1" slots
Modular Sling, Quick-Fit Adapter for 1-1/4" slots
Modular Sling, Rem. 870/11-87 Speedfeed 13" stock adapter
Modular Sling, Rem. 870/11-87 Speedfeed 14" stock adapter
Modular Sling, Rem. 870/11-87 wood or plastic stock adapter
Modular Sling, Type 1 collapsible buttstock adapter
Modular Sling, Type 2 collapsible buttstock adapter
Modular Sling, front AK Kevlar loop adapter
Modular Sling, front Mini-14
Modular Sling, front Moss. 590 w. plate
Modular Sling, front Rem. 870/11-87 w. plate
Modular Sling, oval M4-type handguard adapter
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WARNING:Mishandling of firearms may cause serious injury or death. Before practicing with your product, make sure your weapon is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Study how it attaches and how it will move when in use. If the product interferes with the safe operation or handling of the weapon, discontinue use. For further safety considerations, consult the owner's manual of your weapon and seek professional assistance.